Marine World Vector Map

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Detailed vector map about seabed. The multi-layered map provides physical details about oceans and seas with bathymetry, undersea features names, major FAO fishing areas and others thematic layers.

It’s a scalable vector map of the whole world with geographic position of features on the sea floor. It’s fully editable, including ocean depth ranges represented by hypsometric tints.

The nested polygons for each depth is derived from SRTM Plus elevation data collected by NASA, with elevation contours with 1,000 meters interval (the first 200 meters for every 100 meters). The selected palette has a color gradient adapted for bathymetry.

It contains the principal physical features of the seabed with their labels. The texts are placed manually depending on the orientation of the elements. It include more than 3,500 undersea feature names from the GEBCO Gazetteer and others.

All texts can be modified: real text, no outlines. The typographies utilized are appropriate for use in mapping, maintaining readability in small spaces and on complex backgrounds of the map. It also utilize a hierarchical correct use of font size. All them are free for personal and commercial use.


  • 40 thematic layers.
  • 3,200 editable labels with place names in real text.
  • Dimensions: About 16×12 in (42×30 cm) scalable.
  • Isobaths: Bathymetry contour lines with 1000 meters interval (the first 200 meters for every 100 meters).
  • Real text layered.
  • Typeface commensurate with the mapping recommendations: Fonts with open licenses included.
  • Language: English.
  • Projection: Miller cylindrical.
  • Original scale: 1:10,000,000


Info about our licenses:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai), pdf

  • Size
    109 MB
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai), pdf
  • Size109 MB
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Marine World Vector Map

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